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We sell the highest quality of Peruvian handcrafted clothing, made from 100% raw natural hand woven cotton. Our clothing features a softness and comfort you cannot imagine unless you try it on.

Our customers want to live in, sleep in, and play in our clothes. Hence, our brand, "SkinTone, For the Skin You're Inn!

We have partnered with a designer from Peru to provide this unique product to both men and women. The designs are so flexible and can be worn for a casual beach stroll or a night out.

SkinTone Clothing is a line of clothing that will lead the green movement of natural fiber attire. Our clothing captures the essence of comfort and versatility, without the discomfort of maintenance and undesired fit due to shrinkage.

Our main focus is to provide a clothing movement by selling SkinTone Clothing at every beach in the world.

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